Cosmetic Products

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COLORESCIENCE Mineral Cosmetics - The Colorescience Difference

The difference is our commitment to 100% healthy formulations. Our prestige, all-in-one suncare, skincare + color makes seeking beauty a healthy proposition. Our products offer exceptional sun protection, nourishing skin benefits and luxuriously pigmented color in all-in-one formulations so extraordinarily light, that your skin can inhale, exhale…breathe.

Our commitment is to create the cleanest, most natural UV protection in the world. Using zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as the bases of each formulation, we provide 100% healthy suncare.

No compromises now or ever. We believe lasting beauty starts with healthy beauty. Each product is meticulously formulated with exceptional sun protection and skin-nourishing benefits. And we never use mineral oils, alcohol, talc, fillers, dyes, or fragrance.


GERARD'S Cosmetics - A complete line of makeup using pure mineral ingredients for that flawless, natural look!

Gerard’s is the first skin and body care company to use flower and plant extract, natural organic and active ingredients to protect, maintain and improve the skin. Founded in the Italian Alps region of Italy, where the soil is rich in minerals, we pride ourselves in producing the finest products using pure extracts. Gerard’s on-site laboratories use cutting edge manufacturing methods to produce non irritating, dermatology tested products using pure natural active ingredients.