As a woman past the age of fifty, I considered 
several options when I thought about how to 
look my best. I know I made the right choice 
with the regimen Karen Laine created for me. 
I have been seeing her for about five years now 
and instead of getting more wrinkles and age spots, 
I am actually getting less. No surgery, injections or 
fillers, just maintenance. I am aging naturally and
gracefully. Thank you, Karen! 

V. S.  
Circle C 
Austin TX

Karen will be one of the most professional and 
knowledgeable aestheticians that you will ever 
experience. She understands how our inner  
body functions affect our skin and vice versa. 
She will discuss nutrition,medications, environ-
mental issues among other contributors, all the  
while, being so gentle and non-intrusive. She
wants you to guide her on what your requests are. 
Her facials are the only ones that I have ever had 
where you see the difference immediately. A moist, 
soothing, lovely experience, including gentle peels. 
I always say that  she has healing hands. :)  I highly, 
highly recommend her!

C. B. 
Austin TX